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“Bringing back that smile you always had."

“Bringing back that smile you always had."

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It is not uncommon to need a custom abutment installed when you have a dental implant. Dental implants are pretty common when it comes to eliminating too much space between teeth. They can also be useful if you've prematurely lost a permanent tooth.

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We are a certified dental laboratory.

  • Inclusive Titanium Abutment

  • Inclusive All Zirconia Abutment

  • Inclusive All Zirconia with Titanium Base

  • Gold Abutment 40% Gold

  • Full Gold Cap

  • Open Face Gold Cap


Types of abutments

  • Scalloped gums

  • Thin gums

  • Implant needs something heavier to be held in

  • Multiple bridged dental implants

  • Overdentures

  • Small space between lower and upper teeth

Why you may need one:

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