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“Bringing back that smile you always had."

“Bringing back that smile you always had."

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We understand every patient is dental and when it comes to using a mouthguard or nightguard, they may have different needs. This is why we offer several types of nightguards to help ensure everyone is comfortable with what they're wearing.


Take advantage of our competitive pricing and fast turnaround times.

  • Nightguard - Soft

  • Nightguard - Hard

  • Nightguard - Hard/Soft

  • Nightguard - Hard (Acrylic)

  • Kois Deprogrammer (Acrylic)

Choose your nightguard

There are many reasons why you would be required to wear a nightguard. Since all nightguards are not created equal, you want to make sure you have one that gets the job done. We offer them for sports, snoring, and other needs.

Nightguards for various needs

Wide variety of nightguards

Personalized service to ensure a great fit

Some people love the comfort of a soft nightguard, while others prefer a harder guard. For those who can't find comfort in either, we offer a hard/soft nightguard.

  • Anti-Snoring Device- One piece design - does not lock vertical jaw movement

  • Snore Guard- utilizes both upper and lower arch, allowing for an increase in the airflow passage

  • Headache Device- fitted to upper front teeth and provides a flat surface for lower front teeth,  

         allowing your jaw muscles to relax

  • Sports Mouth Guard- custom fitted for excellent oxygen intake- made for heavy contact sports

Other guard choices