Coco Dental Lab

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“Bringing back that smile you always had."

“Bringing back that smile you always had."

Same day repairs available.

Local dentist only.





Our dental lab uses state-of-the-art equipment to fulfill your needs.

Enjoy the luxury of having beautiful, natural looking teeth with the help of a dental retainer. We offer both fixed and removable retainers so you get more options for your needs. We can even recommend a dentist to help you decide.

Retainers for every need

Don't wait long for your dental equipment. We offer 5-day door to door shipping so you get what you need faster. You can even opt for our FedEx 2nd day air option to get it even quicker if you have an urgent matter.

Quick shipping options

Competitive pricing available

Eliminate space issues during tooth loss

When permanent teeth are lost early on, it can result in a loss of space as well. In order to overcome this issue, space maintainers can be used. We specialize in creating these dental retainers to help you regain a beautiful smile.


We specialize in producing world class retainers, fixed and removable Orthodontic and Pedodontic Appliances. We are also available to work with the doctors in finding the best design solution to meet their patients needs.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to afford dental retainers if needed. This is why we keep all of our services affordable for everyone.